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Do I have to pay royalty fees or ongoing franchise fees?

No. Most other franchised companies work like that, but we don’t. When you own a Books & Gifts Direct franchise, you don’t pay any ongoing royalty fees or management fees, and all stock is supplied on a consignment basis.

Do I pay advertising or marketing fees?

No. Again, most franchise operations make you pay set marketing fees, but not us. There are absolutely no advertising or marketing fees required as part of your Franchise Agreement. Of course, you’ll still need to promote your business, but you can choose your own marketing investment.

What is franchising?

Franchising is a business relationship where the ‘franchisor’ (that’s us) lets an independent ‘franchisee’ (that’s you) market and distribute its goods or services, and use its business name. Both parties agree to a fixed period of time and specific conditions. 

The most common franchising model – and the one we use – is called “business format franchising”. Its key strengths are standardisation, consistency and uniformity.

Books & Gifts Direct is a member of the Franchise Council of Australia Limited (FCA). The FCA is the peak body representing the Australian franchising community assisting franchisees, franchisors and service providers. For more information on the FCA visit their website.

What does a franchisee do?

As a franchise owner, it’s your job to get our sample boxes into as many workplaces as possible. Then, each fortnight, deliver orders from the last two weeks, and put a new box on display. 

This means you’ll be required to regularly visit a number of workplaces in an exclusive geographical area. You’ll leave a sample box in an agreed spot (e.g. the reception desk or lunch-room), and fill the box with sample products and relevant order forms. Two weeks later, you’ll return and fill any orders, collect payment, and replenish the sample box with a new selection of products.

You must have your own vehicle, and a safe dry area to keep a small stock of our books and related products.

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How much does a franchise cost?

Franchise costs vary from state to state, but it’s very affordable. For more information, please contact your state’s Master Francisee, or fill out an Expression of Interest form. You can also have a look at franchises that are available right now!

Why should I become a Books & Gifts Direct franchisee?

Here are the top reasons to become a Books and Gifts Direct franchise owner:

  1. The change you’ve been looking for – A Books and Gifts Direct franchise is your chance to make a change. To get out from behind the desk, earn the income you deserve and be your own boss.

  2. Great commission – Whenever someone buys something, you earn commission.

  3. Easy-to-sell products – We sell a great range of great products, all at up to 70% off recommended retail price. We know the book and gift market inside-out, and we hand-pick all our products. So the things you’re selling are things customers actually want to buy. Only they’re cheaper than they’ll find them elsewhere. Plus your customers can touch, feel and even smell the products, before ordering. All without the hassle of finding a park at the shops or the risk of using a credit card online. And they get the purchases delivered for free, complete with a money-back guarantee! In other words, once you get a box within a workplace, the products generally sell themselves.

  4. Proven sales model – We sell more than 4 million products per year, and our annual revenues exceed 50 million dollars. All through franchises; that’s the only way for customers to buy our products.

  5. Affordable investment – Unlike other retail models there are no rental overheads or shop-fitting expenditures as all products are displayed in the customer’s workplace. 

  6. Work from home – Because you work from home, you don’t have to commute every day, you can spend more time with the family, and you have no rental overheads.

  7. No risk – All stock is on consignment. If you don’t sell it, you can just return it to us. No ongoing royalties, either, or any other ongoing fees usually associated with a franchise.

  8. Business support – Even if you haven’t run a business before, you’ll be in good hands. Our experienced master franchise team will mentor you with training and ongoing support, and the established systems we have in place will help you maximise your earning potential.

  9. Expand your business – Employ family members, or maybe even bring on a distributor and increase your earning potential.

What kind of person do I need to be?

The best franchisees:

  • Are friendly and trustworthy, because our customers expect it.
  • Are motivated, organised and ready for a challenge, so you can grow your business and maximize your earnings potential.
  • Have access to a light commercial van.
  • Are reasonably fit.
  • Have a good sense of humour, because it’s important to enjoy your work.

No previous sales experience is necessary.

What can I earn?

Your earning potential depends on three things: The demographics of your territory, your work ethic and your chosen customers. You’ll get all the necessary tools and guidance you need to build your business and maximise your earnings potential. You’ll determine your earnings!

I’m interested. What do I do next?

If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee or distributor, please contact your local Master Franchise office or fill out an Expression of Interest form.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

When you own a Books & Gifts Direct franchise, you don’t pay any ongoing royalty fees or management fees, and all stock is supplied on a consignment basis.

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